Avanti Pools Inc., Announce New Version of their Mobile Website

April 24 2015- Los Angeles, CA Avanti Pools, Inc. has just announced that they have an updated version of their mobile website that helps customers to receive high quality and innovative swimming pools and spas in Los Angeles. Continue reading

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The Benefits CL Free Water Systems installed by Avanti Pools for Swimming Pools and Spas in Los Angeles


Chlorine in the pool has always been a health concern for families and a healthy awareness is on the rise when customers consider installing swimming pools and spas in Los Angeles. Fortunately, chlorine does not have to be the only option to keep the pool clean and clear. CL free water systems can be installed for water usage throughout the entire home including drinking water and for swimming pools and spas in Los Angeles. The benefits are numerous and instantaneous.  Continue reading

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Get ClearSwim, an Eco-Friendly Pool Sanitation System Offered By Avanti Pools and Spa

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The importance of pool sanitation cannot be understated. A clean pool is an absolute necessity, but harsh chemicals can have detrimental effects on your health, and your family’s well-being. That’s why Avanti Pools and Spa is proud to present The ClearSwim System.  Continue reading

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Avanti Pools and Spa Offers OmniLogic The Best Pool and Backyard Controller Los Angeles Has Ever Seen

OmniLogic is a pool and backyard automation system, designed by Hayward, with flexible system architecture that allows you to set temperature and lighting using an intuitive interface that is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Androids.  Continue reading

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Avanti Pools Is One of the Only Pool Builders in Los Angeles Offering an Eco-Friendly Cleaning System

Every pool owner knows the importance of proper pool sanitation. But harsh chemicals that clean your pool can often have negative effects on your health, and the well-being of your family. That’s why Avanti Pools Inc. offers an eco-friendly, natural alternative sanitation system: The ClearSwim System. Continue reading

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The PCC 2000 In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation System Offered by Avanti Pools Inc. Revolutionizes Pool Cleaning

Enhance any backyard Oasis with Paramount Pool & Spa Systems’PCC 2000 Cleaning and Circulation System, now offered by Avanti Pools Inc. Swimming pool designs in Los Angeles should not only complete your backyard and stun your guests, but should combine luxury and simplicity. In-floor cleaning does just this. So, when you’re choosing to build a pool, think beyond the aesthetics, and top-off your design with the convenience of the American-made PCC 2000. Continue reading

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How to Stay Afloat in the Pool Industry during SoCal’s Recent Drought

With the recent drought in SoCal, restrictions have been placed on the amount of water use in swimming pools across the entire state of California. Many fear that their pool use is being threatened and that they may not be able to enjoy their pools, as they so often do.

Continue reading

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The Importance of Solar Heating Pools for Los Angeles Residents

The solar heating of pools in Los Angeles is especially important in the fall months. It will help keep the pool water warmer so that it can be enjoyed by the family for a longer period of time. Typically, pool owners will close up their pools early, not realizing that they can take advantage of all the ways to solar heat the water. Continue reading

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Self Cleaning Pool Systems in Los Angeles from Avanti Pools Inc.

Los Angeles pool builders, Avanti Pools Inc. can help you keep your pool cleaner without having to exert anymore energy. With a self cleaning pool system, any pool owner can sit back a little bit more and enjoy the water rather than having to worry about its upkeep as often. Continue reading

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The Benefits of Solar Heating Covers for Pools in Los Angeles

Swimming pools are by far one of the most wonderful ways to cool off in the heat of the day, especially when you are located in Los Angeles where the warmth of the sun can be quite overwhelming. As a pool owner, one might take notice that their pool is isn’t as warm as they would prefer and this might be due to the lack of knowledge one might have in regards to solar heating covers.  Continue reading

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